Strode Station Kindergarden Kentucky Derby

Yesterday I had such a blast with the Kindergarteners at Strode Station Elementary, Winchester, KY.  They were having their annual Kentucky Derby celebration and their own version of the Kentucky Derby.  They were gracious enough to invite us along for the party and to let us tell them a little about what goes into making jockey silks. We talked about the importance of wearing a helmet and how God gave them a beautiful head and brain and how they should protect those gifts.  Their Derby was complete with the Twin Spires Grand Stand, the garland of roses, a dirt track with over 120 horses and each of the 120 children designed their own jockey silks.   I was honored to watch them race around their track holding their handmade stick horses.  They were such a joy to watch, giggling and running as fast as they could.  I want especially to thank the teachers for what a wonderful job they are doing with the children, even though there were 120+ children, they all sat and listened in a respectful quiet manner.  No small feat for that many Kindergarten children.  It was truly a blessing for me to interact with everyone.  I would also like to thank the teachers and staff for exposing the children to such a rich part of Kentucky’s history, I think they had just as much fun as the children.  The teachers each donned their own version of a Kentucky Derby hat which were quite impressive. Thank you, Strode Station Kindergarten and Teresa Cowan. Pictures attached.

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